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South Asia  

Booklet helps South Asians understand Christianity
The South Asian Forum has launched a new booklet to dispel some of the myths surrounding Christianity.

The booklet, Jesus Through Asian Eyes, contains answers to 15 questions about the faith that are frequently asked questions by South Asians.

These include: Is Christianity a Western religion? Isn’t it better to follow the religion of my family? Would I have to leave my family and culture to follow Christ? What do Christians mean by calling Jesus the Son ... Read More
A time to scribble and revel
PERHAPS nowhere else, for now, is the printed word in such rude health as in South Asia. The region’s writers have much to cheer. Readers have a raging appetite for text on a page, and they are happy to spend money for it. (Most gratifying, at least for a journalist, is to see the old-fashioned newspaper industry flourish as literacy levels rise and a middle class grows.) Advertisers and sponsors are hungry to reach book ... Read More
Floods bring chaos to India and Pakistan
More than a million people have been displaced and at least 16 killed as floods in India's Orissa state submerged entire villages, officials say.

Heavy monsoon rains submerged about 2,600 villages across 19 districts.

Meanwhile more rain has been forecast in Pakistan's southern Sindh province where, officials say, 199 people have died over the last two weeks.

Millions have been affected by floods there and the UN has begun relief work.

The United Nations Children's Fund, Unicef, ... Read More

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