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MPs join Dignitas International in fight against HIV/AIDS and TB

Ottawa – Given the growing global health challenges of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, the HIV/AIDS & TB (HAT) parliamentary caucus has joined Dignitas International to raise awareness about the human impact of these worldwide growing epidemics, and about innovations in research, science and policy in responding to AIDS and TB

On November 22, 2010 Dignitas & the HAT caucus will host a roundtable with leading experts and advocates for Members of Parliament, Senators, and parliamentary staff to gain greater insight into the need for action and solutions on HIV/AIDS and TB.

The HAT Caucus was created by Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Member of Parliament from Brampton Springdale to increase awareness of the need for action on HIV/AIDS & TB and to create a forum within parliament for the exchange of ideas related to the needs of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS & TB. The HAT Caucus is honoured to have co-chairs from all political parties including Newmarket-Aurora MP Lois Brown from the Conservative Party, Laurentides-Labelle MP Johanne Deschamps from the Bloc Québécois, and Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault from the New Democratic Party.

“The HAT Caucus is a welcomed initiative that has provided an opportunity for MPs and Senators to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS and TB” says James Fraser, Co-founder of Dignitas International and Executive Director. “It is our hope that this roundtable will impart the vital role Canadian policy makers and the Canadian government has in changing the lives of millions living with these diseases” says Fraser.

As a non partisan initiative the HAT Caucus endeavors to work with organizations, stakeholders, and individuals to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS & TB in parliament and to promote polices and initiatives for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS & TB.

"The creation of the HAT caucus is a tribute to the survivors, volunteers, advocates, and organizations who work tirelessly to develop solutions to these growing global health challenges. Change for the better can be achieved through our collective and collaborative efforts. I hope this roundtable will inspire greater action and results for the people living with HIV/AIDS & TB both in Canada and globally" says Dhalla.

The HAT Parliamentary roundtable takes place on November 22nd 2010 on Parliament Hill in West Block, Room 209 from 11am to 1:30am. Join parliamentarians, community leaders, and stakeholders for an inspiring discussion of advocacy and change.


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