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�Paying Peter and robbing Paul�

�Mahatma Gandhi had commented in young India once on the taxation policy of the British against the people of India using the phrase �Paying Peter and Robbing Paul�. May have been appropriate in the forties but in 2013 budget, the Finance Minister has crossed all the limits available in the jurisprudence of economy, development vis-�-vis the �Pauls� which comprise 80% of the population of the country. The present budget shows the bankruptcy of the Finance Minister of India about his knowledge and concern of the rural India.� This was the budget reaction of Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron and Founder of the revolutionary Panthers Party who is also Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association.
Prof. Bhim Singh reacting further on the bankruptcy of the budget presentation by a person who is victim of arrogance and complex. This is a tragedy that Socialist-Secular Republic of India has been reduced to a stinking Capitalist Republic of India giving absolute powers to the manufacturing houses, oil companies� production units to fix the price at their will no matter the prices go beyond the reach of a common man.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that people of India have a chance to exercise their power of the ballot in the next election and if they fail to oust the blood-suckers, only Ultimate Revolution shall bring justice to the majority of the people in India who have completely been neglected by the government and particularly by the arrogant Finance Minister who does not understand their language.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary

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