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The Liberal plan to deliver fairness for the middle class
For 10 years, Stephen Harper has been ignoring the people who do most of the heavy lifting in our economy. Those who work longer and longer hours for an ever shrinking piece of the pie, and less and less financial security.

Middle class Canadians need to have money in their pockets to save, invest and grow the economy – to bring fairness and to strengthen the heart of the Canadian economy.

But Mr. Harper’s unfair system has ... Read More
Article on Yoga
I would like to bring to your attention to an article I wrote recently about Yoga. If any of you are interested and have time to read malayalam,( or at least you can see the pictures of some yoga poses) please take a look and read the links given below:



NB: I am not soliciting anything, just to educate the importance of yoga in this modern world. Yoga is good for controlling stress, which is a ... Read More
Here are a few comments based on a back-channel email from a friend.
The NYT headline is WRONG in stating that "India has outlawed homosexuality" and the article is incorrect in stating that "the Indian Supreme Court has deemed homosexuality a crime. "

The current law in India is a remnant of several British laws. It is British law which had outlawed homosexuality.

The Indian Supreme Court only ruled on the constitutionality of an earlier Delhi High Court ruling. In a 98-page ruling, it said the law could ... Read More
World Council of Churches support solidarity with Indians
World Council of Churches (WCC) General Secretary's letter expressing solidarity and support for the Churches in India
16 March 2015

Rev. Dr Roger Gaikwad
General Secretary
National Council of Churches in India
Christian Council Campus
Civil Lines Nagpur – 440001
Maharashtra State

Dear Dr Gaikwad,

I am writing this to express solidarity and support for the churches in India in the context of increasing acts of violence and vandalism targeting the Christian community in India. I was deeply disturbed to hear of one ... Read More
An unfocused, unending combat mission in Iraq and Syria
The Conservative government is asking Canadians to support their plan to extend and deepen an unfocused, unending combat mission in Iraq and expand it to Syria.

But they have failed to make the case.

The government has failed to articulate clear and transparent objectives for the mission, nor a responsible plan to achieve them. As a result, Canadians will have no way to know if we have achieved our goals. And there is no exit strategy beyond ... Read More
Sorry state of arrairs on 'India's daughter'
Utter nonsense! This illustrates the sorry state of affairs of the Government of India (GOI) where there own "minister" displays abysmal ignorance of democratic principles.

Everyone should view this excellent documentary. It is available on Youtube. The arbitrary and nonsensical attempt of the Modi government to ban this documentary have failed because most savvy Indians can easily watch it on several outlets on the Web.

I saw nothing in this account that warrants a "ban." ... Read More
The budget disappoints NRIs
The budget is intended to be a foundation to elevate India as an economic superpower. It has given lot of emphasize the betterment of common people in education, health, housing, etc. In addition to that it offers many social security schemes to them.

The government decided to change 55% youths of India from job seekers to job creaters. Also they are supported in start up businesses for them.

If one looks the budget non ... Read More
Building better anti-terrorism laws
In the wake of the deadly attacks on military officers in Quebec and on Parliament Hill last October, we must consider how to best protect Canadians from modern terrorist threats while safeguarding our values. Although the government’s new anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51, takes some proper steps in that direction, it will need fixing.

Having been the government during 9/11 and other terrorist events, the Liberal Party is well aware of the tough issues and sensitivities involved. ... Read More
Problems of Silicon Valley
One of the problems in Silicon Valley is that there are extremists on both sides who are hijacking key debates. Using social media, they ruthlessly attack critics and spread misinformation. You can’t have reasoned debates.

Take this blog that you shared. One of the criticisms is that I have been doing interviews with the press and writing articles about women in tech. Yes, that is true. This is a topic I have spent years researching and ... Read More
PTI is not state owned
Is the Press Trust of India owned by the "state," as Pallavi Iyer says in this essay?

Pallavi Iyer says, "My lone compatriot was a gentleman in the employ of India’s state-owned newswire, the Press Trust of India...."

Isn't PTI a cooperative organization jointly owned by major news organizations?
... Read More
Budget delay exposes economic ineptitude
After putting all his eggs in one basket—counting on oil prices remaining high—Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now lurching about, searching for a plan B and making it up as he goes along.

Canada is facing a very different reality. The Conference Board of Canada says Alberta may fall into recession. Oil patch jobs, investment plans and export values are all slumping. The Bank of Canada is warning of a serious slowdown. Government revenues are set ... Read More
Do not make fun of faiths
Few countries have lost more of their citizens to terrorism than India, yet what world leaders gather when India is subject to attack? India's Foreign Office may be sluggish. But even were it not, one would understand if it did not feel obligated to make a show when another country had, in comparison to what India regularly experiences, a relatively small and isolated terrorism experience (especially when India must usually grieve for and ... Read More
Charlie Hebdo
Chalie Hebdo has dared to challenge the entire Muslim Community by publishing hateful Cartoons of our revered religious personalities. This is not ," Freedom of Speech but hate speech, and against the religious freedom.This is an outrageous act insinuating and instigating feelings of the Muslims. It is an attack on the Right guaranteed under the Furst Amendment - Clause.

France should censure this conduct under the laws of the land. Promotion of such disgusting ... Read More
I came across your website (http://www.southasiamail.com/immigration.php) while doing some research and was impressed at how much information and resources your site had as it relates to immigration.

Since your site was helpful, I wanted to pass along another great resource (http://www.immigrationdirect.com/Immigrants-to-Citizens-and-Voting-Power/). This site provides us immigration news, informative blog and much more. It would be a great resource to include with others already listed.

You can never have too many resources! Thanks and let me know what ... Read More
A misspent year in Canada
Looking back on the year, it is increasingly clear that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s priorities are no longer the priorities of Canadians.

His Conservative government has focused economic attention solely on its promise to introduce an expensive income splitting scheme.

Paying for it has trumped every other need. Over a billion dollars for veterans’ services have gone unspent while the government closed nine local offices—making it even harder to access a support system the Auditor General ... Read More
Veterans and Harper
It is now abundantly clear that the care provided to our veterans, who stood ready to give their all for our country, has been shameful under Minister Julian Fantino.

The Conservative government claims its cuts to the Veterans Affairs Department were to the “back office” and did not affect front line services.

Yet nearly a quarter of the department’s staff – nearly one thousand people – have been eliminated; the vast majority coming from branches that support ... Read More
Stop the attack on the Indian community
It is outrageous that our Indian Community is attacked by criminals. It has to be stopped. If the Police or FBI can't prevent them, we can organize and train volunteers to catch them and bring them to justice.
I live in New York, and we have an organization called " Justice For All, Inc". At present I am the Chairman of that organization. Incase, the New Jersey community is planning for a protest march we ... Read More
Letter from Liberal Party of Canada Leader, Justin Trudeau
Last week, I attended the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto’s annual gala and awards ceremony. It was an honour to not only attend this great event, but to deliver the keynote address.

I spoke of our seventh Prime Minister, Wilfrid Laurier, and how his efforts helped make Canada into a place that celebrates and takes pride in its diversity, and is rooted in fairness and opportunity.

As Liberals, we stand proudly behind these Canadian values. One ... Read More
Open letter to Modi
I attach a Punjabi news item for publication; it relates to the delivery to Indian PM Modi this week of an open letter from Karnail Singh Peermohammad, AISSF President, in connection with the November 1984 genocide. The letter suggests that Modi should agree to an international court to punish the guilty as the Sikhs have no faith in India's legal system, following 30 years of impunity. It is a powerful rebuke for the Indian establishment ... Read More
Why borrow if there is a suplus
The federal Conservative government will forgo a surplus this year and instead borrow money to pay for income-splitting and other new tax measures, according to its own fall economic update.

In the last two months the Conservatives announced more than $3 billion in tax changes for this year, including an expensive income-splitting scheme. If they had followed the plan laid out by the late Jim Flaherty, the federal budget would have a small surplus this year ... Read More
Liberals support the Canadian army
ISIL represents a real and present threat to the Middle East region. It has ruthlessly and systematically killed thousands throughout Iraq and Syria – innocent civilians, ethnic and religious minorities, humanitarian workers, and journalists – displacing hundreds of thousands more in its wake. Both the security threat and the urgent humanitarian crisis created by ISIL require international action.

The question is not whether Canada can contribute to this effort; we can, and we must. The question ... Read More
Is this economic recovery?
Over the summer Canadians at community events across the country gave Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a clear message: they are not feeling any relief from the feeble economic recovery.

Under Prime Minister Harper, Canada has had the worst economic growth of any Prime Minister since R.B. Bennett. In the past year, only a meagre 81,000 jobs have been created and more than 80% were part-time—with poorer job quality, lower wages and less security.

In light ... Read More
I can only see myself as being an American.
To me Nationality means the Nation where I was born and nothing more. This is why I do not call myself Indian American or Irish American. I am none of those. I am all of those but when it comes to listing my Nationality, I must list only American. I support the American Flag and I swore an Oath to the United States Constitution.

I were to leave The USA and become a Citizen of ... Read More
Why Indian Muslim Community's English Newspapers fail ?
I have been watching with keen interest for about 20 years now the various attempts of India's Muslim community to publish English language newspapers. With repeated dismal performance of well-meaning ventures by capable and well educated Muslim individuals, it is a sad story and it is very difficult for me to understand why it is so. From Radiance, Nation & the World and Milli Gazette of New Delhi to Islamic Voice of Bangalore, to Eastern ... Read More
AAM AADML belongs to all
Many people joined AAP at the time of Lok Sabha elections because they wanted to take advantage of people's wrath shown against conventional politicians in Delhi.When their ambitions were not realised they have started showing their true colours now and they have started finding fault in Kejriwal and his team. The most important task before us is that AAP wins in Patiala constituency by defeating madam and Akali candidate.

Kejriwal,his team and four MPs ... Read More
India & Tamil Nadu’s reaction to an article speaks volumes
Cartoons about world leaders and politicians are many. Articles against world leaders and politicians are many. Have world leaders and politicians ever reacted like India and Tamil Nadu politicians are currently doing? Most certainly not. It should be an embarrassment to the entirety of India to have behaved in such a manner and it is not the Sri Lankan Government that should be apologizing it is India.

Firstly, how many of those blowing hot and cold ... Read More
Portrayel of women and violence against them
One of the most serious and shameful issues facing India today is sexual violence against women. Every day we hear of too many gruesome crimes against women (including rapes, molestation, sexual exploitation of the most inhuman kind). Simultaneously, we are also concerned about the way women (and the man-woman relationship) are portrayed in films and on TV. Women characters are sexually objectified, stereotyped in regressive ways, are portrayed purely to cater to the male ... Read More
Budget measures appreciated

1. Since 1967 the baggage allowance were fixed as Rs 35,000 we requested to Narendra Modi government to increase proportionately with devaluation of Indian rupee. Any way it is increased from Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000

2. A large number of blue collar non resident Indians can not afford to build a ... Read More
Conservative slur against new Canadians offensive
Conservative MP Chris Alexander must apologize for his slur against generations of new Canadians.

At a recent appearance before the House of Commons’ immigration committee Mr. Alexander argued that changes to the Citizenship Act in 1977 “cheapened” citizenship.

In essence, he is saying that Canadians who arrived in the last 35 years from India, China, the Philippines, Europe and the rest of the world, our nation-builders, are a lower class of citizen.

And instead of apologizing, he ... Read More
The last taxi ride
I am writing on behalf of A.X. Ahmad whose next novel, THE LAST TAXI RIDE, is forthcoming from Minotaur Press.

While previous authors have detailed the immigrant experience and the problems of assimilation, A.X. Ahmad’s THE LAST TAXI RIDE takes the immigrant novel one step further: he re-interprets the mystery novel, interweaving it with issues of globalization and immigration. As tightly paced and suspenseful as its predecessor, THE LAST TAXI RIDE expands the unique genre A.X. ... Read More
Democracy and nation building
We are a Democracy and each one of us has the freedom to express our differences without fear, but yet we have to work together in nation building and the common good of every member of the society.

Whatever is needed to be done should have been done at the ballot, the majority, indeed, the overwhelming majority has chosen to trust the words of Mr. Modi and together, we have to go forward. ... Read More
Would Indian economy be second largest under Modi?
After 10 year corrupt and public unfriendly ruling of UPA government, people want an inevitable change in the power, it happened in the Indian election.

?Narendra Modi's farsighted and calculated approach to come to national arena had given unexpected result.

Since NDA had enough majority to make decisions without any pressure, Modi will make visible changes immediately in the commodity price, poverty alleviation front, infrastructure development front, foreign investment ... Read More
Mrs. Modi
Nothing will come off Mrs. Modi, she will continue to live where she has been living and Modi will not be seeing or meeting her. He has got too big an ego to do that.

I am surprised that none of the Journalists have questioned - why he misled RSS about his celibacy? Is that acceptable.

God save India with this arrogance, he has not expressed any remorse in all the interviews about what happened ... Read More
Bobby Jindal for President?
I like Bobby Jindal. However I can not vote for him. He is American Citizen only because he was born here one week after his parents arrived on US Soil. His parents were not American Citizens when he was born. Pg 10 on the Pocket Constitution, down near the bottom of the page covers the Means of being President and Bobby was not born in the USA before the Adoption of the US Constitution and ... Read More
Support BJP
It is true that we all have difference of opinions about the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in India. We, Indo-Americans, believe that this is the time for us to change the leadership from the Congress party. So we are supporting Narendra Modi and his team BJP.

We hope Modi will win a landslide victory. If any of you think that we are encouraging racists, you are wrong. Our team includes Christians, Hindus, and even Muslims, ... Read More
The Economist and Kushwant Singh
The Economist needs to examine its priorities. Why does it cover topics it has no knowledge of? Nowhere does the obituary mention that

a) Kushwant Singh was the worst form of flatterer/sycophant of Indira Gandhi and her family. He supported the Emergency, the compulsory sterilization program and Sanjay Gandhi, the prime mover behind the program. He even called Sanjay Gandhi the most eligible bachelor in India. I was a student at that time (circa ... Read More
NRA and the surgeon general
It took more then the NRA to block this guy from the Surgeon General Position. There are over 80,000,000 gun owners here in the USA and none of us wants someone to be in the position to mess with our 2nd Amendment Rights. Nothing against his being from India. I myself has a history of being part Indian from two Great Nations.
... Read More

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