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Support BJP
It is true that we all have difference of opinions about the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in India. We, Indo-Americans, believe that this is the time for us to change the leadership from the Congress party. So we are supporting Narendra Modi and his team BJP.

We hope Modi will win a landslide victory. If any of you think that we are encouraging racists, you are wrong. Our team includes Christians, Hindus, and even Muslims, ... Read More
The Economist and Kushwant Singh
The Economist needs to examine its priorities. Why does it cover topics it has no knowledge of? Nowhere does the obituary mention that

a) Kushwant Singh was the worst form of flatterer/sycophant of Indira Gandhi and her family. He supported the Emergency, the compulsory sterilization program and Sanjay Gandhi, the prime mover behind the program. He even called Sanjay Gandhi the most eligible bachelor in India. I was a student at that time (circa ... Read More
NRA and the surgeon general
It took more then the NRA to block this guy from the Surgeon General Position. There are over 80,000,000 gun owners here in the USA and none of us wants someone to be in the position to mess with our 2nd Amendment Rights. Nothing against his being from India. I myself has a history of being part Indian from two Great Nations.
... Read More
Running from more than one constituency
One should contest elections from any part of India, however, the intent seems to be weak. Indira Gandhi started the trend by running from Amethi and Chikkamaglur -because she wanted to run from one place or the other to secure her seat.

Now Modi is running from Varnasi, so will Kejriwal, and Gandhi will run from Amethi or Chikkaballapur. Places they don't reside.

Can't these guys get elected from the constituency where they reside? Why should ... Read More
Does pure love exist?
A man gets several chances to love some one in his life. Some people think love is a crazy idea., It is painful to endure the hardships of love. It is said that everything is fair in love and war. The love when it is not fulfilled remains unrequited for all intent and purposes;

It becomes a challenge to conquer the lover into submission, or complete surrender We have to choose between love and ... Read More
Piece on Devyani
Thank you for the informative piece on Devyani and her husband 6/2014) by K. P. Nayar.

We in the US do not get such detailed articles in our media here.
... Read More
Rape and the village council
The Village Council who ordered the rape of a woman, if convicted maybee should be given very stiff prison sentences as well as being Castrated. People that stupid should not have the chance to bring new life into the world.
Just my thoughts.
... Read More
Last week was a busy one in federal politics.

Parliament resumed after its Christmas recess. Justin Trudeau launched a major Senate reform initiative. The House held an emergency debate about Ukraine. A budget date was announced. The latest economic data reflected poorly on the Harper government. And Mr. Harper was again reminded of his ongoing ethics scandal, even while another scandal -- this one about spy agencies running-a-muck -- ... Read More
Ending Partisanship and Patronage in the Senate
Canadians want their leaders to come forward with practical solutions to our problems, and they have been clear that the Senate has become one of those problems. It is broken and needs to be fixed.

Through extreme patronage and partisanship, the Senate has become an institution that poorly serves the interests of Canadians. Canadians are especially disenchanted with the antiquated convention that sees Senators appointed by one person: the Prime Minister.

The Senate is ... Read More
Rape as punishment
As I see it, the Village Elders along with everyone connected with the rape of the woman should be held in confinement while awaiting trial.

As I am not a Citizen of India, I do not have the rights to say what should happen to them that are found guilty, if any of them are convicted.

... Read More
Immigration consultations
I write regarding your recent coverage of Liberal MP John McCallum's cross-country "consultations" on immigration. Given the Liberal's record on immigration, it's worth asking why the Liberals are "consulting" on immigration rather than supporting our Government's changes to reduce wait times and get newcomers to Canada faster.
Successive Liberal governments cut immigration levels and created massive backlogs, which we inherited and have been working diligently and consistently to fix since taking office in 2006.
As a ... Read More
The truth about Tory tax tales
There are several things wrong with the Harper government’s never-ending claims that they are brilliant tax cutters.

To start with, it’s untrue.

Their first fiscal decision after taking office in 2006 was to increase personal income taxes. Later that fall, they imposed a toxic new Conservative tax on Income Trusts which obliterated $25-billion from the savings accounts of two million ordinary Canadians. More recently, Mr. Harper has increased the overall federal tax burden in each ... Read More
Preet was quoted in 'The New York Times' saying "every lie is not a crime" as he explained away the lies of a Wall Street Banker in relation to the bank's failure. But now we see Preet taking extra carefully planned steps intended to cause a foreign diplomat with consular immunity get body cavity searched. Often, high profile white collar targets are allowed to appear in court with a lawyer and don't go ... Read More
Approval of pot
About Colorado's New Recreation, God made The weed. God Made the soil that the weed grows in. God made Mankind and God Put Mankind in charge of the soil and the plants.

I always vote for the approval of pot, even though I do not and will not partake of it. But if Pot helps the sick to feel better, I see nothing wrong with that. God did not make cars, He left that up ... Read More
Power of the media
I learned a long time ago about the power of the press and how to use it to do good for the world. The journalists on this list, of all people, should know the impact that they can make. They should be doing what I am: educating, inspiring, and motivating others. The only difference between me and them is that I don’t usually accept payment for my writing—I do this as a hobby and as ... Read More
"Harper Calls Canada a Nation of Defeatists".
In my view he's right. For "reasons" that have no business being there and are not based on facts and logic.

All caused by lawyers and stupid bureaucrats fiddling about in stupid little offices.

I'm here to prove the attitudes responsible for this mess wrong. And to ask the Prime Minister to do something to stop the defeatism and defeatist attitudes in Canada that he himself disapproves of. This is a necessary part of making sure ... Read More
Guns and freedom
I fear only the Unknown and right now that covers a lot of ground, including Barrack Obama.
... Read More
Arrest of diplomat
I just finished reading the article by Mr. Nayar regarding the arrest of Kobrgede, the Indian Consulate General, New York.
I applaud the writer Mr. Nayar for posting this piece in South Asia Mail. Congratulations to you Dr. Samuel for the good
... Read More
Conservatives block oversight for spies
Who is watching the watchers? Here in Canada, revelations about potential violations by our own spy agencies haven’t come from government oversight, they’ve come from Edward Snowden—and the Conservative government doesn’t see that as a problem.

Recently former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents suggesting that the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC) initiated industrial espionage against Brazil’s ministry of mines and energy, and helped allies monitor leaders at a G20 summit hosted by Canada.

This ... Read More
Scandelous case of corruption
The recent exposure of financial corruption and audit collusion with the Canadian Senate comes as no surprise to members of the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR). SCAR has been strongly urging media and politicians, for years, to investigate and to speak out about the financial corruption and government/auditor collusion with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. We have been assisting with the disgraceful human rights case of Canadian scientist Dr. Chander Grover for several years.

The ... Read More
New York Times explains
Thank you for contacting the opinion section at The New York Times and The International New York Times.

If you have sent us an article for consideration, please know that we are reviewing it. This in-box is monitored regularly. Articles must be original, and exclusive to The Times; they cannot have appeared elsewhere — in any form — in print or online. Unfortunately, because the number of submissions is so large, we have to pass on ... Read More
Mulcair does not deserve to be Prime Minister
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair claims that a paltry majority of 50%+1 of expressed votes in a referendum would be enough to justify breaking up Canada; that Quebec separation could occur based on a one-vote difference between the Yes and No sides. While the NDP requires a two-thirds majority to make changes in their own constitution, Mr. Mulcair considers that a single vote is sufficient to break up Canada!

Mr. Mulcair contradicts the Supreme Court ... Read More
Conservatives’ economic fumbling
The federal government’s recent Economic Update proves once again that the Conservatives are out-of-touch with the challenges facing middle class Canadians.

It didn’t include anything for middle class families who are struggling under record levels of household debt. The average Canadian household now owes $1.66 for every dollar of disposable income.

It didn’t include anything to help young Canadians, or the parents who are financially supporting them. Today there are still 225,400 fewer jobs for young Canadians ... Read More
Extremist Muslims
This problem of Extremist Muslims captivating and marrying and grooming sikh girls has been a international problem.
This has happened in Australia, Malaysia and United Kingdom as of my knowledge.
This has been happening for the last 20 years as I have heard of several cases and heard from extremely distraught and heart-broken parents.

The question that we need to ask ourselves as a community is -How can we stop this from happening in the future.
The answers that ... Read More
Policing Village
In “Policing Village Moral Codes as Women Stream to India’s Cities” (news article, Oct. 20), you confirm that Hindus — not just Muslims — also perpetrate honor killings. However, the honor-killing motives among village Hindus are not confined to a taboo against marrying someone from one’s own village (seen as a form of “incest”), but are mainly caste-related. Falling in love or marrying someone from an “inferior” caste is still viewed as a capital crime.

In ... Read More
Happy Gurpurab of Guru Ram Das Ji!
Is this not a miraculous that Bhai Jetha an ordinary poor young boy who used to sell boiled black chick-peas eventually became the 4th Sikh Guru who not only left behind spiritual wealth but also financial/economic wealth as well? How can we explain this fete? Is this not as a result of Gurmat(i)?

On the literary side, Guru Ram Das Ji's composition 'Lavaan' alone is par excellence - a story of his own Spiritual experience enumerated ... Read More
Conservatives letting our veterans down
Imagine you are a Canadian soldier who has been disabled in the line of duty—what kind of support do you think you’d get as you transition to civilian life under this supposedly military-friendly Conservative Government?

Odds are you are in for a lot of headaches.

Under the Conservatives’ New Veterans Charter, you will get a lump sum payment instead of a disability pension. Many—including Canada’s Veterans Ombudsman—say that this sum is inadequate for the pain and suffering ... Read More
Murdering babies
Speaking as a US Army Veteran, I think it is great that Canada is taking steps to tell those who would rather think that The Holocaust never took place, just how wrong they were and are. We must never again turn our backs on such murder. And yet I know that we have done just that in African Nations in our children's time.

It is allowed even as I write these words, right here in ... Read More
Making fun of Ms America
The ignorant racists are making fun of a group that's "the highest-income and best-educated people in the United States and the third largest among Asian Americans who have surpassed Latinos as the fastest-growing racial group," according to a 2012 survey reported by IANS.
... Read More
Keep purchase slips for ever
Sorry about the strange subject line but I wanted to grab your attention for a second.

If you've never had a hassle returning an item to a store because of a lost slip or if you've never lost money because you didn't have your proof of purchase then you can close this email now, thanks!

OK, so if you reading this you're like the rest of us - ready to wage war against the lost slip or ... Read More
Racist threats in the nation of freedom
As for Miss America and her racist threats, it is a shame that we still have racist here in The Nation of Freedom.

I'll bet that if you were to gather in all of those idiots that sent in their email messages and ask them who they voted for, you would discover that everyone of them voted for Obama.

If it gets people to pay attention and make changes in themselves I have no problems with ... Read More
Asia Bibi case
There is one critical point missed in the introduction -- and indeed in all the reporting I've seen for the past years on the Asia Bibi case -- which is that almost all the Christians of Punjab are converts who were "untouchables". I strongly suspect that the objection to her drinking and using the glass was based not on her being "Christian,"

but because she is of a "polluting" caste.
... Read More
An interesting entry, by a Lister of SAJA. .
I was feeling a little shy to post this, but today I learned my story made it into the top 10 finalists for the 24-hour radio race for independent producers at KCRW.

Could I please ask you to share this with the group? I figured that since I've got a network, I'd like to use it. I don't know if I can win the prize, but hey, there's a popular vote as well and I'm sure ... Read More
Afghan reactionary lawmakers
Afghan reactionary lawmakers are trying to pass a law to ensure that family members can never testify as witnesses. This is a green light for more women and girls to be abused at home, but some courageous politicians are fighting back and say our outcry could make the difference! Sign now to stand with Afghan women and tell everyone!

Sold into marriage at 12, Sahar Gul lived in a house of horrors. Her in-laws chained ... Read More
Jobs available
I am Shruti from Shine.com. We have some urgent openings in companies like Amazon, Tata, SAIL, IBM and more for candidates like you.
Click Here to Apply Now

It is very important that these companies know that you are interested in the jobs for them to shortlist you for the selection process. There are hundreds of other candidates competing for these jobs. Act now and improve your chances of getting these high profile jobs.
Click Here ... Read More
Love across borders
I am reaching out to introduce Love Across Borders – an India-Pakistan peace initiative by Indireads. I am writing to ask for your support to help get the free anthology into many hands, to help start changing mind-sets.

Background detail: Love Across Borders (http://loveacrossborders.org/) is a collection of short stories about connections, relationships and even love between ordinary people across the India-Pakistan border. The anthology is being published as a free ebook on August 14th/15th, ... Read More
Proud American writes
Hell, My Family came to this Nation from England and we are Proud to say that we also are also from India.

We are also from Germany, Ireland, Holland and This Nation as well. I like to tell people that as we got off of the Ships that brought us to This Great Nation, we lay up on a knoll,looking down on those very ships as we came ashore. You see, we are also want is ... Read More
Dog sniffer
I read Dr. W. Gifford-Jones' column “Dog’s sniffer adept at cancer detection” It was in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix .

Here is something you may find interesting.

Before Erin was diagnosed by the doctors our Shih Tzu dog would sit about 4 feet from her and stair at her incessantly every time she came over. I remember my Erin saying “Dad stop that dog from staring at me I am getting a complex”. It wasn’t that long ... Read More
Malala needs help
On 15 June fourteen girls were murdered in Pakistan simply because they wanted an education. Many people know my story but there are stories every day of children fighting for an education.
The basic right to education is under attack around the world. We need change now and I need your help to achieve it.
You can help me and girls and boys across the world. We are asking the United Nations General Assembly to fund ... Read More
Can Islam be modernized?
On a Pakistani forum, I wrote this in response to a Pakistani. Thought that some of you may find it interesting:

From time to time there has been animated discussion here about people changing from one religion to another and, more specifically, Hindus converting to Islam. Here are my considered views on this subject.
Although an agnostic, I am a firm believer in the freedom of faith and this freedom is meaningless if ... Read More
An Indian princes?
An Indian Prince for Britain?, why not? India has produced a lot of Princes in the World.
... Read More

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