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Obama sounds alarm bell on jobs
Washington Sounding an alarm bell over the challenge from "hungry" Indian and Chinese students, US President Barack Obama has asked Americans to focus more on science, mathematics and technology to ensure that "jobs of future" stay within the shores.

Acknowledging that American firms are having a tough time finding the right candidates for jobs in science and technology, Obama, travelling to Durham in North Carolina, said it is not a good sign for the future ... Read More
Long road ahead for Asian women workers' struggle for equality
Babs Verblackt

While much achievement has been made in the past decades, women workers across Asia still struggle for more rights and equality. They need to find more ways to make their voices heard, such as engaging in politics, speakers at a seminar in Bangkok said in the run up to International Women's Day (March 8). "Women found their voices. Power must come from within," Jurgette Honculada of the Committee for Asian Women (CAW) said ... Read More
Census in India a window into a changing nation


Hunched over a clipboard, squinting in the pale yellow glow of a street camp, Shika Shrivasta surveyed the grimy, wiggly boy in front of her.

“Address?” she asked, and he gestured vaguely at the park around them. She frowned at her papers: runaway nine-year-olds, jittery from solvent sniffing, do not have a category in India’s census.

In the developed world ... you can post out the census form and people fill ... Read More
India on the front lines in the battle to eradicate polio

DELHI: Through the heaving crowd of a Delhi railway platform, Vandana Saini spots a sleeping toddler slumped on her mother’s shoulder. She darts forward brandishing a tiny squeeze bottle. “Polio?” she hollers over the screech of train brakes, inspecting the baby’s fingernail for the tell-tale ink mark that shows the recently vaccinated. The mother shrinks back for a moment, then recognizes Ms. Saini’s yellow vest, the sign of India’s 2.3-million volunteer vaccinators. She ... Read More
Railway budget 2011-12: Highlights
New Delhi: The following are highlights of the railway budget for 2011-12 presented in the Lok Sabha Friday by Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee:

* No increase in fares.

* Earnings for 2010-11 set to exceed Rs.1 lakh crores.

* Working expenditure during 2011-12 estimated at Rs.87,000 crore.

* Outlay of Rs.57,630 crore for 2011-12, the highest investment in one year.

* Rs.10,000 crore to be raised through railway bonds.

* Budget combines ... Read More
LUCKNOW: Justice eludes the victims of sexual assault and girl-child abuse due to lack of political will to bring about legislation to check such cases and the United Progressive Alliance government is not according priority to this issue.

This was stated by Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat at a seminar on “violence against women and the role of administration and media” here on Friday.

Ms. Karat was critical of the country's growth ... Read More

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