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Believe it or snot: nasal mucus vital to maintaining health
TORONTO -- It's icky and messy and sometimes it clogs your airways, making you feel like you can't breathe. Heck, even its name is repugnant.

We're talking about snot here.

Yeah, gross topic. But with cold and flu season looming, snot -- or nasal mucus, as it can be more delicately described -- is something many of us will experience first hand in the not-too-distant future.

Here are some things you may not know about this decidedly disgusting ... Read More
New research from Brain and Mind Institute able to grasp what can't be seen
Cognitive neuroscientists at Western University have proved that people have an unconscious ability to control and even manipulate objects without knowledge of size or space. The findings, published this week in Psychological Science, show humans have an innate capacity for reaching out and grasping objects accurately from a cluttered environment – like a refrigerator or a desk – without properly perceiving the size of the intended objects.

The researchers from Western's world renowned Brain and Mind ... Read More
Stop water privatisation and strengthen public water supply
Citizen News Service
A new report by Corporate Accountability International uncovers how the World Bank uses ponzi-style marketing tactics to sell privatization projects around the globe that it is also positioned to profit from. "Water privatization has been a disaster,” said Dr Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee and national vice president of Socialist Party (India). "We must prevent the World Bank and corporations like Veolia from expanding their reach and block any potential project."

In response to ... Read More
Over-the-Counter Cancer Fighters
By Dr. Brian Goldman

This year, The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that more than 190-thousand Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer. Seventy-six thousand will die of it.

Now researchers are looking at the efficacy of over-the-counter remedies as cancer fighters.

One of the drugs they are looking at is cimetidine, once a prescription drug sold under the brand name Tagamet. For years, cimetidine has been an over-the-counter drug treatment for peptic ulcer disease and for indigestion. ... Read More
Take a Look Before You Flush the Toilet
The Doctor Game – W. Gifford-Jones M.D.
Readers tell me they often discuss my column at dinner parties. But at this festive time of year I doubt that will happen with this column. Today, it’s Course 101 on Poop. So, why would you want to look into the toilet before flushing it? It could save your life. But it might also scare you half-to-death.
A look into the bowl after a bowel movement has ... Read More
Week-long World AIDS Day programmes conclude
•Leading health NGO facilitates world record attempt for biggest mosaic of condom packets at IIM Lucknow
New Delhi, Dec 9: A world record attempt at creating the biggest mosaic of condom packets, screening of couples for HIV/AIDS and mass awareness campaigns were among a raft of programmes organised by HLFPPT across six states as the week-long events related to World AIDS Day drew to a close with a clarion call for safe sex.
As a precursor ... Read More

Journal of Comparative Family Studies   

The leading journal exclusively specializing in cross-cultural family studies.

The Journal of Comparative Family Studies was established in 1970 to publish high quality articles based on research in cross cultural family studies.  The journal promotes a better understanding of inter-ethnic family interaction that is essential for all multicultural societies.  It draws articles from social science researchers around the world and contains invaluable material for Sociologists, Anthropologists, Family counselors and Social Psychologists.

- Editor:  DGeorge Kurian

Titles of some special issues:

  • Comparative perspectives on black family life (1998)
  • Families' and children's inequalities (2003)
  • The transmission of religious beliefs across generations: do grandparents matter? (2008)

The journal is published five times a year including special issues on selected themes. The Journal is available online to institutional subscribers. Yearly Subscriptions available for individuals or institutions, contact information below:

Journal of Comparative Family Studies
Department of Sociology, University of Calgary
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada
Email: jcfs@ucalgary.ca

  • The Arab family (1997)
  • Ethnicity and gender in non-traditional family forms: studies of families pushing   normative boundaries (2000)
  • Immigrant and ethnic minority families (2001)
  • Theoretical and methodological issues in cross-cultural families (2002)
  • Violence against women in the family (2003)
  • Turbulent times and family life in the contemporary Middle East (2004)
  • Farm family responses to changing agricultural conditions: The actors' point of view (2005)
  • Intergenerative conflicts and health hazards in migrant families (2006)
  • Informal unions in Mexico and the United States (2007)
  • Homemaker or career woman: life course factors and racial influences among middle class Americans (2008)
  • HIV and AIDS: are all women equally at risk? Afrikaans speaking married women's perceptions of self-risk (2008)

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