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WHAT Sikhs @ Global Citizen Earth Day 2015 WHERE Washington Monument Grounds, Washington, DC, United States 9:00AM Meet up w/ EcoSikh, location TBD 11:00AM - 7:00PM GLOBAL CITIZEN 2015 EARTH DAY

"Earth Day is the largest secular event in the world - and more people join in every year. Men, women and children will haul garbage, clean up coral reefs and mountain trails, show movies, sign petitions, march to solve the climate crises, hold town hall meetings to plan a better future, ... Read More
Author Dabydeen invited to read from his books
Dabydeen to read from/launch GOD's SPIDER (Peepal Tree Press, UK)--new collection--at this Year's 2015 Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Conference at the joint session of the Canadian Association of Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies Society and the Ass'n of Canadian and Quebec Literatures to be held on May 31. (The Congress was previously named the Learned Societies.)
The Congress is a gathering of key scholars from Canada and abroad congregating ... Read More
Multi-faith prayers to open “Earth Day” celebrations
Multi-faith invocation will launch “Earth Day” celebrations in Nevada on April 26.
... Read More
Hindu gods at New York’s Metropolitan Museum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York is displaying “Earring for a Deity Showing Vishnu Riding Garuda” (17th-19th century) in its “Sacred Traditions of the Himalayas” exhibition which will run till June 14.

It is also showcasing 17th-19th century “Dish for Ritual Offerings with Durga Defeating a Demon”, 17-19th century “Amulet case with Vishnu” and a scroll painting dated 1651 showing Kubera and Durga.

Applauding Met for showcasing Hindu deities in an exhibition, ... Read More
San Antonio Institute hosting exhibit on Sikhs
The Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) in University of Texas at San Antonio will host an exhibit “Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab” from February 21 to January three next.

Developed by Smithsonian Institution and sponsored by the Sikh Heritage Foundation, it “features a collection of traditional Sikh art, information on the culture’s history and beliefs, artifacts such as ceremonial weapons and armor, and a model of the Golden Temple”. March 21 will be “Sikh Family Day”, ... Read More
Dr. Radha Jetty to perform
Dr. Radha Jetty to perform in the Festival of India, Ottawa

August 7-9, 2015

Marion Dewar Plaza, City Hall, Ottawa

... Read More
Religious Harmony Week, June first week
An Inter-faith and Communal Harmony Summit in South Asia in 2015 is being planned. A number organizations from India and Pakistan (for the first time) have joined us “partners”.

The plan as it stands now is to organize the event on the first week of June as that week is designated as the “religious harmony week” by the UN. The UN suggested that His Royal Highness King Abdulla of Jorden be invited as the chief ... Read More
Immigration conference
Metropolis conference "Broadening the conversation: Policy and practice in immigration, settlement and diversity"

March 26-28, 2015. Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, BC http://www.acs-aec.ca/en/events/other-acs-events/17th-national-metropolis-conference-broadening-the-conversation-policy-practice-in-immigration-settlement-diversity/

... Read More

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