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Railway budget 2015
Have started feasibility study for bullet trains: Suresh Prabhu (see image)

17:57 (IST)
Improving train speed from existing 110 and 130 to 160 and 200 kms respectively so that inter-metro journey can be completed overnight
17:56 (IST)
Open wi-fi to be available at 400 railway stations; proposal to revamp the station re-development scheme
17:55 (IST)
Tickets can now be booked 120 days ahead of travel date, instead of 60 days now, to tackle tout menace
17:54 (IST)
We will introduce train sets saving ... Read More

Why I am stepping out of the debate on women in technology
Vivek Wadhawa
My friends know that I rarely let criticism get in the way of promoting a worthy cause. In the fight for a more diverse industry, I have withstood fire from Silicon Valley’s powerbrokers; bloggers; and angry groups on the Internet. People have even tried to get me fired from my universities. But I never thought that it would be a National Public Radio station that would be the one damaging my reputation with false ... Read More

Modi's speech on religious tolerance: Full text
Amid several attacks on churches and a convent school in the national capital region and rows over conversions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said his government will not tolerate any religious violence and would ensure that there is complete freedom of people of all faith in India.

Full Text

Cardinal George Alencherry

Archbishop Andrews Thazhath

Archbishop Kuriakose Bharanikulangara

Archbishop Anil Couto

Shri Arun Jaitley,

Dr. Najma Heptulla,

Shri P.J. Kurien, Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha

Monseigneur Sebastian Vadakumpadan

I am delighted to participate in this ... Read More

How Kejriwal and AAP felled the BJP giant
While one would have expected the party to focus on the anti-corruption legislation as its top priority this election, the AAP decided to rethink its strategy to take on the BJP who was now the bigger enemy as compared to the Congress in Delhi 2013.

Promising Delhiites a less expensive and safer national capital became the party's most important priority. But five main factors can be attributed to the party's humongous victory of 67 seats, that ... Read More

NY Times monkeys with India
If there is one area that generations of foreign correspondents in India have diligently covered, it is monkeys.

The New York Times started writing about the rosy-bottomed creatures in the subcontinent in the 1940s—and has not let go even seven decades later, even as India was transformed from a brand new republic to one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

On Jan. 23, the venerated American newspaper published an article titled “For Obama’s Visit, India ... Read More

India through a lens: the nation embraces photography as art
Goa’s first photography festival captures the dizzying change affecting the subcontinent’s ancient tribes, religions and cultures

For a country so rich in imagery, India has been slow to embrace photography as art. The nation’s first photography festival was held only four years ago, in New Delhi, and since then other cities have followed with their own exhibitions. Goa, although better known for its cheap beach holidays, soft drugs and hippie lifestyle, is due to hold its ... Read More
Prayers for breakfast
K.P. Nayar
Barack Obama's remarks about religion and tolerance in India, made in New Delhi last month and reiterated in Washington a few days later, resurrected slices of my experience as an Indian living in the United States of America. Because I practised journalism on the east coast of the US, for several years in a row I was inundated by e-mails and other communication from Hindu Americans in New York campaigning for parking exemption in ... Read More
Voice for peace effort revival
K.P. Nayar
New Delhi, Feb. 8: With back-channel talks already in progress between India and Pakistan, President Pranab Mukherjee today added his voice for a revival of the May 2014 initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when South Asian leaders together broke bread in the Rashtrapati Bhavan banquet hall.
Mukherjee used his meeting with India's ambassadors and high Commissioners worldwide to plead for "that initiative (to) be followed through to its logical conclusion through incisive diplomacy even ... Read More
10 reasons why BJP lost Delhi to Aam Aadmi Party
Priyanka Rathi, IBN
New Delhi: A confused and divided Bharatiya Janata Party, which was riding high following the landslide victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and consecutive wins in the Assembly elections in four states, has been steamrolled by the two-year-old Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Assembly elections.

The failure to counter the charismatic and street smart IIT Kharagpur graduate Arvind Kejriwal, who rebuilt the AAP after the party's mauling in the Lok Sabha elections, ... Read More
Brain drain is a good thing
Concern about executive ‘brain drain’ from developing countries is misplaced. ‘Indirect’ learning in mature markets crucial to developing-country firms’ growth, says research co-authored at Cambridge Judge.

Concern about a “brain drain” of executives from developing countries who work in mature markets is misplaced because such “indirect” learning abroad is critical to their companies’ growth in developed markets, finds research co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Companies from India and other emerging economies have little opportunity to learn ... Read More
India’s Coin Divers Know When Change Is in the Air
NEW DELHI—Om Prakash remembers when more money used to fall out of the sky.

Today it’s mostly small change—“one-rupee, two-rupee, five-rupee coins” he says, or basically a few cents—sometimes accompanied by coconuts. Once, though, a woman’s gold ring came tumbling down.

Mr. Prakash, 30 years old, lives and works beneath a historic bridge that spans the Yamuna River in the heart of India’s capital city. The Yamuna is one of India’s most sacred rivers.
Items collected under Iron ... Read More
Blood for sale: India's illegal 'red market'
By Anu Anand Delhi
Blood transfusion Selling blood in India is against the law, but there is a huge illegal trade in donations
In a crowded alleyway sandwiched between the wards of a large government hospital in New Delhi, we're searching for a blood tout.

One of the hospital's security guards has instructed us to look for a man with one leg.

We find the tout, Rajesh, sitting on a tattered blanket next to a tea stall drinking milky ... Read More
New Chapter for America and India
After years of near misses and unfulfilled promises, President Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India appear to have set relations between their democracies on a deeper, perhaps even revolutionary, path.

Part of the improvement in bilateral relations has to do with the personal chemistry between the two, which by all accounts appears warm and genuine. Mr. Obama had barely gotten off his plane in New Delhi when he and Mr. Modi embraced like old ... Read More
Obama's visit put growing Indo-US relations on a firm path
K.P. Nayar

By the time his three-day visit was drawing to a close, Barack Obama felt satisfied enough to claim ownership of it. He clearly got tired of reading and hearing that although it was he who had changed the flow of American history by shifting the date of his State of the Union address to travel to India, all the credit for this trip was going to Narendra Modi.

At President Pranab Mukherjee's State banquet, Obama ... Read More
Hope of Pak troops slash on border

New Delhi, Jan. 22: If all goes well, Pakistan will cut troops from its border with India after Barack Obama ends his visit to New Delhi for Republic Day. It is a big IF, but the signals, as the US President makes finishing touches to his travel plans, are promising.

Military intelligence has already assessed that some crack units from the Indo-Pakistan border have begun relocating to Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. This is the result of ... Read More
Hope of Pak troops slash on border

New Delhi, Jan. 22: If all goes well, Pakistan will cut troops from its border with India after Barack Obama ends his visit to New Delhi for Republic Day. It is a big IF, but the signals, as the US President makes finishing touches to his travel plans, are promising.

Military intelligence has already assessed that some crack units from the Indo-Pakistan border have begun relocating to Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. This is the result of ... Read More
Obama does a Modi; no 'press charter' aircraft to tail his plane to India
K.P. Nayar
Jan. 20: US President Barack Obama is taking a leaf out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's book on media relations as he prepares to travel to India on Saturday.
For the first time in long memory since American reporters started accompanying their Presidents on overseas travel, there will be no usual "press charter" aircraft tailing Obama's Air Force One on his visit to India for Republic Day.
A White House travel office official who spoke to ... Read More
Relax Sangh Parivar, there’s no evidence of a Muslim population bomb
by Hasan Suroor Jan 23, 2015 21:22 IST

The much-awaited census data on the population of religious groups is out and the good news is that , contrary to gleeful speculation in the usually suspect circles, it doesn’t bear out apocalyptic theories about a Muslim population “bomb” waiting to go off that Hindus must counter by producing more children.

Behind the headline that Muslim population grew by 24 per cent in the decade 2001-2011, the real ... Read More
India Doesn’t Understand Its Rape Problem
MUMBAI — “Rapists must be hanged,” said Aasan Koyi, from behind the counter of his south Mumbai coconut water stall on a recent afternoon. “Some people work; some study. Other people only know how to do obscene things. For that, they must be hanged.”

Koyi’s cold logic echoes the sentiment that has swept through much of India since the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman in New Delhi in December 2012. In September 2013, a ... Read More
Europe is India's largest source of foreign direct investment
K.P. Nayar
New Delhi's civic body was on overdrive to complete what needed to be done to spruce up the city for Barack Obama before Monday's announcement of the local elections. The worry was that some "anarchist" in the Aam Aadmi Party would approach the Election Commission complaining that one activity or other in Obama's name was in violation of the model code of conduct. Think tanks are on super-drive on behalf of the president of ... Read More
Same Sex marriage criminalized by Supreme Court of India
By Mike Ghouse
The Supreme Court's decision on December 11, 2013 to uphold section 377 of the Indian Penal code that criminalizes same sex marriage is not wise, and needs to be challenged. Is the judgment influenced by the undue belligerence from the right wing Hindu, Muslim and Christian leaders or is it in the spirit of the constitution?

The hallmark of a civil society is respecting the otherness of ... Read More
Ready to pay Rs. 51cr reward to Charlie Hebdo attackers: Yakoob Qureshi
Whoever dare show disrespect for Prophet will invite death like the cartoonists and journalists of Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Haji Yakoob Qureshi has said.

BSP leader Haji Yakoob Qureshi had declared a reward of Rs 51 crore for anyone who would kill the Danish cartoonist who had created a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed.
“Rasul ke ashiq unhe saja de dete hai (followers of Prophet punish them),” the former Uttar ... Read More
Defiant European Newspapers Publish Cartoon of Muhammad
European news organizations challenged attempts to intimidate the press by publishing controversial cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad across front pages today, following the deadly attack at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

From Britain’s Guardian newspaper and Berlin’s Tagesspiegel, to best-selling Czech daily Blesk and Spain’s El Pais, Europe’s news groups honored their murdered colleagues by republishing the cartoons central to yesterday’s assault, which left 12 dead, including eight journalists.

In North America, some agencies ... Read More
New Delhi must counter the worsening image of India in the US
K.P. Nayar
With slightly more than three weeks to go before Barack Obama arrives in New Delhi, India's public diplomacy in the United States of America has been thrown at the deep end of the Potomac, the river that is a symbol of America's capital.
Instead of a celebration of the first ever visit by a US president to be chief guest at the Republic Day parade, Washington and New York are witnessing a difficult struggle by ... Read More
India-North Korea: Friction free ties
By K.P.Nayar, Consulting Editor, The Telegraph

Doowon Lee, a Professor at the School of Economics at South Korea’s Yonsei University, who has a reputation for thinking out of the box, has done some unusual research on India. His work recently led him to conclude that India’s economy last year was comparable to that of his own country in 1976 in terms of living standards of their respective peoples. The demographic portraits of both countries, a key ... Read More
Madan Mohan Malaviya - A great patriot

New Delhi: A multifaceted personality, Madan Mohan Malaviya was an educationist who founded the Banaras Hindu University and became one of the torchbearers of the freedom struggle acting as a bridge between the Moderates and the Extremists.

Known for his espousal of Hindu nationalism- being one of the initial leaders of the far-right Hindu Mahasabha- Malaviya was a social reformer and a successful Parliamentarian.

Malaviya was catapulted into the political arena ... Read More

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