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Is India the next frontier for Facebook?
(Pic: Mark Zuckerberg announces the Internet.org Innovation Challenge in India in New Delhi.)

NEW DELHI — Pushing to bring hundreds of millions of Indians into the online world, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday called for expanding his pet project to provide free mobile Internet for developing countries into India.

Zuckerberg, 30, the billionaire founder of the Facebook empire, arrives in India at a time when Facebook is losing its luster among American teens, but ... Read More

'If Not You, Then Who?' The Philosophy and Work of Kailash Satyarthi
New Delhi, Oct10 : Kailash Satyarthi, 60, won the Nobel Peace Prize today along with Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai.

Here are 10 facts about his life and work:

He belongs to Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. Trained as an electrical engineer, he turned into an activist for children's rights at the age of 26.
As a boy, he was moved by other children who had to work, and whose parents were too poor to send them to school. ... Read More

Who is Panneerselvam?
Chennai: Forced by circumstances to fill her shoes for a second time, O Panneerselvam has an unenviable task of heading the Tamil Nadu cabinet in the wake of conviction and jailing of AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa.

From humble origins as a farmer and tea shop owner to Fort St George, the seat of power in Tamil Nadu, he has travelled a path of unexpected twists and turns.

'OPS', as the new Chief Minister is called in political ... Read More

Narendra Modi gives 3-D formula for India to become a global leader
Sunday, 28 September
Addressing a rapturous crowd of NRIs here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi affirmed today that India will move ahead at a rapid pace and lead the 21st century world. At a unique event at the Madison Square Garden in the heart of Manhattan at which some 20,000 cheering NRIs were present, Modi said that his big win in the Lok Sabha elections had come with a big responsibility for him which he would ... Read More

Jayalalithaa assets case: All you need to know
CHENNAI:It was a complaint by Subramanian Swamy (see image) in a court in 1996 that led to a probe against Tamil Nadu chief ministers Jayalalithaa in what later came to be known as the "disproportionate assets case" in which she was convicted by a Bangalore court today.

On June 14, 1996, Subramanian Swamy, then Janata Party leader, filed a complaint before the principal sessions judge here alleging that Jayalalithaa had assets disproportionate to her known sources ... Read More

Tough task awaits Obama’s pick Verma

(Picture of Richard Verma and his wife Pinky.)
New Delhi, Sept. 19: When Narendra Modi walks into the state department in Washington on September 30 for lunch with Vice-President Joe Biden, as planned now, he is apt to be flummoxed by the unusually large number of ethnic Indian faces at the tables, unsure of their institutional or national affiliations.

There will be Nisha Desai Biswal, of course, the point person for India at the state ... Read More
False Teachings for India's Students
By THE EDITORIAL BOARD, The Washington Post

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised India’s youth a bright future. As he is well aware, realizing that promise will depend on dramatically increasing educational quality and opportunity for the 600 million Indians under age 25, many of whom lack basic reading and math skills. In its 2014 Election Manifesto, Mr. Modi’s party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, called education “the most powerful tool for the advancement of the nation ... Read More
Is there a real divide between NRIs and Resident Indians?
Non-Resident Indians [NRIs] and Resident Indians [RIs] erupted as sideshow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s truimphant romp through the United States. The NRIs in America, especially the economically strong and socially savvy Gujaraties, seemed to take ownership of Modi.

The RIs began to taunt the NRIs for what they see as fair-weather friendship. What the NRIs had ever done for India, some asked. The RIs suggested the NRIs are selfish, self-centered, greedy and lacking in class. ... Read More
Sasikala Natarajan: The one who brought Jayalalithaa down
On September 27, some time after the court convicted her for owning assets disproportionate to her known income, a visibly upset Jayalalithaa reportedly snubbed a teary-eyed Sasikala Natarajan, once her closest friend and political lieutenant. Sasikala had been trying to apologise.

Supporters of Jayalalithaa, who was Tamil Nadu chief minister till her conviction, have for long maintained that 57-year-old Sasikala is the person wholly and solely responsible for their leader's downfall. Sasikala's life has been a ... Read More
Is Narendra Modi a Dangerous Cliche?
By Pankaj Mishra
In 2005, Narendra Modi, then the chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, was prevented by a State Department visa ban from attending a rally at Madison Square Garden. On Sunday night, Modi finally made it there with a Bollywood-style extravaganza. All had been apparently forgiven as he stood against flickering videos of Indian robots and mansions and reminded his audience in Hindi of his humble origins as a "tea vendor." ... Read More
Defying Expectations in India, Modi Begins Key Trip to U.S.
NEW DELHI — Almost as soon as Narendra Modi became prime minister of India, whispers began circulating of mysterious phone calls from his office, upbraiding startled officials for infractions like inappropriate clothing or chummy-looking public meetings with tycoons.

The message was received. Mr. Modi, who is famously austere in his own habits, intends to impose discipline.

The United States will get a taste of Mr. Modi’s style starting Friday. Booked for back-to-back high-pressure appearances during ... Read More
Whither Future Development Goals?
Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service
Abused by her own family in childhood, Bela (name changed) was sold by a relative and trafficked to India. She eventually came out of her harrowing ordeal, turned her life around and became a peer counsellor and educator with Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN). She was supported for 5 years by the anti trafficking project of FPAN. But once the project got over she was once again left to ... Read More
Shweta Prasad and the portrayal of prostitution in Tamil cinema
By Sowmya Rajendran Source : SIFY

Much has been said and written about the arrest of actress Shweta Prasad in a sex work racket. Online trolls in message boards across the Internet have had a field day, righteously condemning the actress for doing something so 'cheap and immoral' just for money when she could have done other 'respectable' things to sustain her lifestyle. Not much is known about her rich clients though. Which isn't surprising, given our ... Read More
Multiculturalism and Rape in Rotherham
LONDON — A man recently came to visit the member of Parliament for Rotherham, Yorkshire, and he had a question. Now in his late 50s, he had arrived from Pakistan three decades earlier. After a lifetime of hard work, he could not understand why his boys did not display the same Muslim values he had, why they did not show respect or want to work as hard as he did.

“I tried really hard ... Read More
The Modi-Abe bromance is built on a grand Asian project
There is an old American phrase, ‘wooden Indian’, that was used to describe the life-size statues of Native American chiefs placed outside tobacco stores in the United States in less enlightened times. Since many customers were illiterate, vendors needed a visual prompt to lure them indoors. I’ve always thought of that phrase when I visualise Manmohan Singh, a gentleman, but oh-so-wooden on the public stage. One cringed when he stood next to George W Bush, ... Read More
Journalism in the time insurgency
By Nava Thakuria
The working journalists, more precisely the reporters covering insurgency related incidents, always face a two-edged sword, where they face brickbats (read threats) from both the insurgents (turned terrorists) and the authority.
Need not to claim again that the media has every right to report about the insurgencies and so the reporters may maintain contacts with the militants belonged to the banned armed outfits too. But the question here is raised, if the journalists have ... Read More

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