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About us:
South Asia Mail Inc. is proud to announce the publishing of the first and only South Asian Internet daily in North America for those interested in South Asia.

Some cynics may ask: What is the need for such a daily? We will try to explain.

First, South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan) has a population in excess of 1.5 billion. However, very little is seen on significant developments in the area in North American news media unless such developments impact very directly and adversely on the life of people in Canada and the U.S. Therefore, it is very important that friends of South Asia in this continent should know about some of those developments in South Asia and their impact on North America and the world.

Second, many positive and welcome developments there are not heard about or understood in North America. For instance, how many in North America know that some of the countries in South Asia (e.g. India) are growing economically at close to 10% a year? In fact, often such developments are seen through coloured glasses.

Third, many South Asians in the younger generation have no clue about what significant contributions South Asia has made to the world in general and in particular to North America. The Gandhian principles of non-violence and civil disobedience successfully developed and deployed in India by Mahatma Gandhi and equally successfully used by Rev. Martin Luther King surely must have saved millions of lives and billions worth of property in the U.S.

Fourth, younger generation South Asians have much fewer role models in Canada and the U.S.A than some of the others. In science, economics, governance, politics, and other fields it is necessary to spread the knowledge of what the current generation of South Asians has accomplished so that the younger generation can aspire to transcend such contributions and become even more productive in their respective fields knowing full well that here is a society that rewards achievements not entitlements.

Finally, communication between regions, language groups, and generations would be easier if there is a common forum that could be used for the benefit of all. We intend to provide such a forum for the benefit, not only of South Asians per se, but of their friends and well-wishers as well for the common benefit of humankind.

With these hopes, we humbly present our modest effort to South Asians, their friends and well wishers in North America. We hope you will support us in our efforts.
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